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Check Case Summaries Here Windermere’s legal strategy of costly, interminable, vexatious litigation drives a dispute over a ,800 agent commission to a judgment of 6,195.41—in favor of the agent. ORDER OF CONTINUANCE OF CRIMINAL TRIAL SCHEDULED FOR U. Government’s Position Paper on the Worth Group Witnesses. 92) is DENIED." Government will disclose Grand Jury transcripts by July 29, 2013.United States Senator from Washington State Takes K in Campaign Contributions from Windermere Real Estate USA v. Third Party Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians’ Notice of Motion and Motion to Quash Subpoenas Issued by Defendant Heslop: “The Tribe seeks to quash the two subpoenas issued to Sheppard Mullin on their entirety because they constitute nothing more than a fishing expedition and directly target attorney-client and work product privileged information,” and “The Tribe also filed a lawsuit against Heslop and [Windermere Coachella Valley agent] Shambaugh in approximately October 2009 in Riverside Superior Court, Case No. Bennion & Deville Fine Homes, doing business as Windermere Real Estate Coachella Valley, sued for Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Constructive Fraud, Breach of the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, and Unfair Trade Practices Windermere Real Estate founder John Jacobi named as Third Party Defendant and sued for Indemnification, Contribution, Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Breach of Contract in ; Windermere corporate counsel Paul Drayna alleged to have sent WPCR's new franchiser—Better Homes & Gardens—predatory email Franchiser Windermere Real Estate Services Company sues former San Diego Windermere Exclusive Properties Franchisees, Lifestyles Services Corp., Lifestyles Services Solana Beach/RSF Corp., and MRJR Inc.Shambaugh Kovall Pleadings, Motions and Case Business: JUDGE GRANTS ELEVENTH HOUR CONTINUANCE: TRIAL SCHEDULED FOR A. RIC 10006101, concerning the very same kickback schemes at issue in this case.” Third Party Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians’ Notice Withdrawing Motion to Quash Subpoenas Issued by Defendant Heslop: "Defendant Heslop ha agreed to withdraw the second subpoena..." PRETRIAL MOTIONS IN LIMINE: Plaintiff’s Motion In Limine to Preclude Evidence of Defendants’ Prior Lawful Conduct, “…Evidence of other lawful behavior is irrelevant because acts of honesty do not prove the absence of dishonest acts." Defendant Heslop’s Motion In Limine #1 to Preclude Evidence Constructively Amending the Indictment, “…defendant’s Fifth Amendment right to be tried only on the charges made by a grand jury indictment..."; Government's Opposition to Heslop's Motion In Limine #1, "...(d) Shambaugh was a [Windermere Coachella Valley] real estate agent who was in a romantic relationship with Kovall." Defendant Heslop's Motion In Limine #2 to Exclude Evidence Related to Bardos' Alleged Over-pricing of Construction Contracts, "Whether the construction contracts involved inflated pricing or profits, whatever that means, has no bearing on whether Heslop paid money to Kovall..." [Heslop's] Motion In Limine #3 to Preclude Evidence of Defendant Kovall's Ethical Duties or Alleged Nondisclosures, "The government thus intends to prove that Kovall is guilty because he failed to disclose his personal relationship with [Windermere Coachella Valley Agent] Shambaugh, the real estate agent for ETH's real property purchases." Notice of Joinder and Joinder to Defendant David Alan Heslop’s Motion In Limine No. Windermere Idaho Sued for Violation of the Fair Housing Act Has Your Oregon State Windermere Office Been Sued?3 to Preclude Evidence of Kovall’s Ethical Duties or Alleged Nondisclosures Reply to Government’s Omnibus Opposition as to Defendant Heslop & Kovall’s Motions In Limine to Preclude Evidence, “..danger is that if the jury is persuaded that Mr. Check Case Summaries Here Brea, California's Windermere "Preferred Properties" and Owner Andrea Marquez Sued for Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition by Tarbell Realtors; Windermere Brea's False Website "Takedown" Letter Windermere Founder John W.— Largest RE Firm in Tri-Cities Washington QUITS WINDERMERE for SOTHEBY'S: "David Retter, Owner of the former Windermere Real Estate Tri-Cities, severed his franchise agreement with the Seattle-based company on Monday." — Bennion & Deville, with 160 employees and 1,200 affiliated agents across 29 Southern California offices, QUITS WINDERMERE.Windermere Real Estate perpetrates illegal suppression of defrauded customers' speech rights through aggressive coercion tactics including false website hosting takedown letters, and mendacious lawsuits filed by Windermere to silence, bully, bankrupt and intimidate the many victims of Windermere unlawful misconduct.CLICK HERE TO THE NEWLY ADDED & RECENT REPORTS PAGE CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR LOCAL WINDERMERE OFFICE'S REVIEW PAGE CLICK TO REPORTS ON THIS HOME PAGE Windermere East sues its own broker/agent, Greg Gransberry and his wife for money due Consumers are urged to exercise caution in their selection of real estate services Windermere abuses the legal process through filing false and mendacious lawsuits to intimidate, bankrupt, silence and coerce damaged customers out of their constitutional speech rights The Windermere Relocation Rape Case Franchiser Windermere Services Company's Management Team Franchiser Windermere Services' Privity Argument Is Windermere of social benefit to consumers and the public? Windermere Anacortes Properties Fraud Alleged by Business Entrepreneur and Single Mother of Autistic Child Windermere Capital Group of Boise, Idaho, and its Realtor Mary Liese, Sued for Federal Housing Authority Violations, Coercion and Intimidation Windermere Capital Group, President Steve Osburn, Sued by State of Idaho Industrial Commission Windermere Capital Group's President Steve Osburn Under Federal Tax Lien of 4,170.96 Windermere Freeland's Abuse Of A Vulnerable Adult CW Title (formerly Commonwealth Land Title Company of Puget Sound Reports) Csaba Kiss: You Never Know What A Windermere Associate Broker Might Be Up To...Windermere Northeast: Toxic Rats and George Rudiger/Joan Whittaker Lies Windermere Agent Recommends Rookie Who Misses Toxic Mold Deliberate Windermere Non-Disclosure of Home's Drug Production Past Windermere's Dick and Cecilia Pelascini's Foreclosure Rescue Ripoff Scam Federal Way, Washington, Windermere West Campus, Agent Dan Dennis Sued for Fraud The Windermere Relocation Rape Case: Windermere Treats It's Own Employees Like It Treats Customers Windermere East (aka Windermere Bellevue West); Agent Maria Danieli, Sued for Breach of Fiduciary Duties and Negligent Misrepresentation Convicted Felon Windermere Agent Nicholas Granly Abruptly Disappears from Windermere Spokane Valley Agent Roster, Ironically just as Owner Cate Moye is Voted Vice Chair of WA Real Estate Commission Windermere SCA Conflict of Interest Hider Paul Stickney Washington State Representative and Windermere Associate Broker Marcie Maxwell Caught in Septic System Coverup Are You Suing or Litigating Against Windermere Real Estate? Consider Windermere's Privity Argument and Adding Franchiser Windermere Services Company to Your Complaint Windermere Kirkland Northeast Owner Joan Whittaker Sued Again, with Agents Hopkins and Mc Cann, for Misrepresentation Including Forgery John Jacobi's Windermere Wall Street Profits on Loan-Con Scammer Cheryl Jonet Court Says Windermere Camano Island's Sonya Eppig "..not so unequivocally set forth the permitting and inspection problems." Responsible Franchise Owners, Brokers and Agent Realtors Rushing to Drop the Windermere Real Estate Brand Don't Hire West Seattle Lawyer Jeffrey C.

have the right to know that the company and agent with whom they are trusting their considerable down payment and financial future have professional histories of honest, complete disclosure, and of ethical business conduct.

Although the Jacobis thoroughly overhype honesty and ethics in the marketplace, when customers encounter ethical misconduct by Windermere franchise owners, brokers and agents, the Jacobis are silent, run away, and force damaged parties to sue or eat their losses.

In one particularly egregious case reported here, when a Windermere employee was date-raped by a Windermere corporate relocation prospect in the course of performing her job duties and then complained of the assault to Windermere management, she was told to "clean out her desk." The court said that Windermere had "...condoned a rape by a business colleague," and that she had been "...subjected to an abusive work environment." RETURNING VISITOR?


Former Windermere agent sues Windermere owners James and Andrea Marquez for Fraud, Conversion, and Negligence, seeking unpaid commissions owed of ,938.75, in Complaint alleging: “Defendants instructed Plaintiff to commit perjury when he testified," and "..Defendants falsified a document signed by Seller..." Complaint Against Alleged Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev __________________ ..Negligent Misrepresentation, Intentional Misrepresentation, Violation of RWC , Consumer Protection Act Violations, and Interference with Business Expectancy, when after Solterra invested ,450 in site development, feasibility, architectural plans, and building floor plans, agents Van Wyck and Porter allegedly “...advised plaintiff they were advising ID Investments, LLC, to sell the Property to another buyer.

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NAVIGATE THIS SITE BY WINDERMERE CONSUMER FRAUD • BY FRANCHISE OPERATORS DROPPING WINDERMERE BRAND • BY WINDERMERE LOCATION & PERSONNEL • BY WINDERMERE OFFICES IN WASHINGTON • BY WINDERMERE OFFICES IN OREGON • BY WINDERMERE OFFICES IN CALIFORNIA __________________ After more lost offices on Maui—most recently those of the former Windermere Valley Isle Properties—the beleaguered Windermere brand is taking yet another crack at Maui, this time with an interesting twist: Wailea Realty Corp., a Boutique of Windermere Real Estate.

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