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Tassels, also known as Fringes, are a bunch of loosely hanging threads that are tied at one end.

Tassels that we have are handmade tassels, which are made from nylon threads.

This year it’s all about cuts, deep back necks and slight embroidered neckline.

1- According to the length of cord take 1'' wide cloth and sew near to fold Picuture No.2 2- On the one edge to cloth place long needle(from back side) in between the cord(Picuture No.3) 3- With the Help of small neddle stitch cloth with big needle, it shold be tight, while streching the joint should not be broken.(Picuture No.4) as per picture no.4 whole length of cloth should be kept on big needle, it is important otherwise you will not be able to stretch the dori.

4- Try to strech the needle(Picture No.5-7) from the cloth and enjoy the fun.

At the same time, I took on projects with schools as a costume designer for plays. Feisal Alkazi, gave me a wonderful platform for this, and it was such a good experience that it propelled me forward. Now I am working with her, creating my own designs under my signature.

My family stood behind me when I started working for myself. We design a whole range of apparel and very recently ventured into designing accessories.

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After making for 3-4 times you will be able to make doris of your choice.

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