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Keywords: Torah, judaism, prayer book, israel, Chabad.The Jewish Almanac is a daily dose of inspirational Torah (usually an inspirational passage from the Talmud), snippets of each days important (and the occasional unimportant yet interesting) events on the Jewish and civil calendar, and Yahrzeits (Memorials).

Finally you can have all the book in Hebrew as well as the English translation all in one! You have the option to either browse through the pages or just flip them like a regular book to a specific page or chapter! : bukharian jewish community, bukharian jewish community center, bukharian jewish congress, bukharian jewish community of uzbekistan, bukharian jewish community center of ny, bukharian jewish community of atlanta, bukharian jewish council of america, bukharian jewish community center in forest hills, bukharian jewish cuisine, bukharian jew, jewish holidays 2009, bukharian jews, Great Jewish Music 24 Hours a Day Live on Your Phone.

It provides you with a fullscreen view of the current time.

With always-on feature you can use your i Phone as desk or bedside clock.

An audio recording, under five minutes in length, is also included so you can listen at any time.

The Forward is a legendary name in American journalism and a revered institution in American Jewish life.

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