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The King may start to asks favors, don't listen to this.

I just tell you the major parts of the story, it's your job to complete it.

If anybody tells me he hasn't got this, and he can still e-mail me, I think I could give him 0. You must bear north and west around the point of land then turn east at the ice cap. (If additional men are lost, restart.) Sail and disembark at the closest coast south of the ice and "Search" for water.

What I meant to say is that, EVERYONE has this (just for fun it's here). A village is discovered at the extreme north east corner where you disembark and give food until friendship equals 65. You will find the Saber toothed Tiger (when you don't find this, load the game in Lisbon and go along the Nile to find all the discoveries there, because it could be possible this discovery isn't chosen randomly at the beginning of your game). Load water equal to the amount of food on board then sail west and south to clear the point then head south for 5 - 6 screens.

"Uncharted Waters: New Horizons is, by far, one the best RPG/Simulation games ever crafted for any platform." "Everyone is focused on one thing: graphics. The Round Earth Society asks that he takes Professor Enrico Malione (Sail:1 Battle:1 -Accounting) to Zipangu and Joao accepts with the condition that it may take many years. Rocco Alemkel (Sail:30 Battle:32 - Gunnery/Celestial Navigation) is sent by Leon to accompany Joao and turn him into a sailor. Butler Marco is the first mate recruited on Uncharted Waters and still serves Leon in this game. On the first voyage from Lisbon Domingo Manana appears as a stowaway and is given a job by Joao.

But UW: NH is one of the many games that are still remembered for its gameplay, and NOT its visuals." "Each character quest is long and engrossing, and is enough to keep you busy..." "If you can withstand the learning curve and the graphics, you'll undoubtedly enjoy this game." __________________________________________________________________ Before you get started (when you want to play the PC version), you should check if you have the following System Requirements: One will need a i80386 PC (33 MHz CPU is more than enough), plus: MS-DOS 5.0 or any compatible operating system (or Windows); at least 440 KBytes free conventional memory; at least 512 KBytes free EMS or universal (EMS/XMS) memory; at least 5 MBytes of free space on the hard disk (saved games); VGA display adapter an AT keyboard and a working mouse (latter not required). Joao sails northwest to find the supply port on Forel. Continue west until land is sighted then turn north again.

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