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It was during this period that the key features of his methods altered a bit, converting into a flowing, cartoony style and soft airbrushing.

These aesthetics were very much in sync with the times and displayed the popular psychedelic note which was making an impact on all contemporary subcategories of alternative culture.

On the 17th of February in the year of 2017, Alan’s daughter Lily announced that her father had passed away earlier that day.

At this time, the clients on Alan’s list were all superstars and had pivotal roles in the cultures of both the United Kingdom and the rest of the Old Continent: The Who, The Cream and the Rolling Stones were the newest and soundest addition that joined John Lennon and Paul Mc Carthy on Aldridge’s to do list.Alan started at the very bottom of the firm, as is expected from a child that began working at such a young age – he was unloading cargo boxes from Banana Wharf’s ships at the London’s docks, working in very harsh conditions.Not too long after that, Aldridge did a few stints as an insurance clerk, as well as a couple of barrow boy jobs on Stratford Market.These pieces clearly state the channeled collective mood and trends of the era.In 1968, he established his own graphic designing studio which subsequently became the hottest topic of London’s illustration scene.

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Tired from working on other men’s commissions, Alan started to paint portraits to somehow channel his inner visions and creativity – first such pieces were drawn around the pubs of Soho in the year of 1963.

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