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Oh don’t worry, please go right ahead with what wanted to say, you over-animated child of deaf people! No, actually, I’ll get it, because it’ll never stop ringing otherwise.’ I remember not wanting to answer my parent’s home phone simply because I just knew it’s going to be yet another customer service advisor on the other end who can’t comprehend that my parents are deaf. ’ through gritted teeth Hearing kids always do the running around the house. It’s the equivalent of the Lord of the Manor ringing a bell. ’ my parents would say to me on seeing how annoyed I was after making me run downstairs for the 10th time that day. Being privy to secret breaking wind Children of deaf adults are the only ones who know for sure who let one go at Deaf Club, except the person who actually did it. I also heard plenty of Deaf granddads who would pass wind constantly when out and about, and it was always really loud. Remembering that you don’t have to tell people when you go to the toilet. I had my vision of Father Christmas smashed to pieces because I thought he was deaf, while all my hearing friends in primary school insisted he was hearing. Well, because all the Santas at the Deaf Club Christmas parties were deaf (and could sign, of course). Many children of deaf parents never learn that it’s rude to int… ‘You get the phone Dad because it’s probably for you. 'I can be a bit cheeky and I can be naughty,' he admits. 'We are just like anyone else - we just can't hear, that's all.' Lewis is the only child of Colin Hunt, a courier, 42, and wife Jaime, hairdresser, and his diagnosis came as an immense shock to his parents, neither of whom had any history of hearing problems.

I needed time to understand that this wasn't necessarily going to happen to me.'It has been, he admits, a 'bumpy' road since, and as the months ticked by with only minor improvements to his hearing Lewis struggled to contain his frustration.

Lewis, 15, has been profoundly deaf since birth, the result of a genetic condition he was diagnosed with at 13 months old.

He was raised to be 'deaf and proud' and attends specialist deaf school Mary Hare, in Newbury, Berkshire.

'I just get so angry sometimes,' he admits at one point in the documentary.

It's like you want it but you can't get it - there's a barrier you can't reach and you feel like you've hit a wall.' Yet there have been beautiful moments too – like the time he discovered he could hear birdsong.

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Lewis explained there was no instant, overnight change as a result of getting the device.

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