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Not one politician has given any proof that they know what to…This Hydro One has too much weight and pushes around anyone that gets in their way.

I worked at Hydro and I can tell you that the Union and Managers.the way up to talks.

Of course, high volume users will benefit from that change, paying less than they now pay, and low volume users (i.e.

those who foolishly have tried to conserve electricity) will pay higher rates than we currently pay.

I started as entry level paper pusher and made over 56K a year, union…I was shocked at this pay but I needed a job.

Do we really think its because we make too much electricity?

I am not sure how that will aid the effort to lower energy consumption, We all remember what lower usage last winter did for our rates!!

Are all the people criticizing Harris tryng to say Mc Guinty and Wynne are good managers of Ontario’s finances. He reduced needless expenditures that were not value for money.and the Hydro staff were taking leave of absence up to a 6 – 9 months cause of the stress that what brought on…please these clerks push paper and they wanted stress leave. If I were to hear from a Political Party a real agenda on how to stop this Cash Cow.would have my vote.Not a Trump idea where its not even thought of yet.a real concrete agenda..thats what we need…I am hoping you have something like seem to know the Grid System well. There hasnt been one political party that has been able to do anything with Hydro One because it is a cash cow..Here's the detailed breakdown of the rates from the chart above: Manitoba Basic monthly Charge, .57Energy Charge: 7.672¢/k Whx1000, .72.57 .81 Total . Kw H British Columbia Basic monthly charge, 0.1835 per day (.50 monthly)Energy Charge: 0.0829¢/k Whx675=.96, 0.1243¢/k Whx325=.40.96 .40=.35 Rate Rider 5% Rate Rider applied to all charges before taxes and levies 5.50 96.35= 101.85 .82 (rate rider) Total 6. Kw H Saskatchewan Basic Monthly Charge .19 Energy Charge: 12.624¢/Kw Hx1000, 6.24 .19 6.24 Total 5. Kw H Hydro one Energy Charge: 18¢/k Whx200 peak , 13.2¢/k Whx200 mid .4, 8.7¢/k Whx600 low .20 Line loss charge .19 Basic Monthly Charge .07Regulatory charge .71Delivery charge (.88 service charge distribution volume charge .80 transmission connection charge .80 transmission network charge .80 Smart Meter Charge .38=.6636 26.4 52.2 11.19 24.07 6.71 82.66 Total 9. Kw H Quebec Basic Monthly Charge, .19 Energy Charge: 5.71¢/Kw Hx900=.39, 8.68¢/k Whx300=.0451.39 26.04 12.19 Total . Kw H New Brunswick Basic Monthly Charge, .79 Energy Charge: 10.41¢/Kw Hx1000, 104.20 104.20 22.79 Total 6. Kw H Nova Scotia TOU billing Basic Monthly Charge, .82Energy Charge: break down 20 peak/20 mid/60 low Peak=19.158¢/k Wh Medium=14.800¢/k Wh low=7.873¢/k Whpeak =38.31 medium=29.60 low=47.2438.31 29.60 47.24 18.82=133.97Total 3. Kw H Newfoundland Basic charge, .70 Energy Charge: 10.573¢/Kw Hx1000, 5.73 15.70 105.73 Total 1. Kw H PEIBasic Monthly Charge, .92Energy Rate Charge=13.56¢/Kw Hx1000, 5.60.92 5.60Total 2. Kw H I want to speak with people who posted on this site.I am the one who did the under-cover study across Ontario over the past few years to investigate over-charges and over-payments for electricity. I am the one who has provided a simple cure to cut the home electricity bills of some clients as high as 57% without changing a light-bulb or retrofitting any equipment or or appliances.

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