Exo d o and sojin dating site

They also inferred the information from an interview that Sojin gave to a Korean radio station. Red Velvet member Irene and DO were reportedly dating. However, there is no much evidence that proves their relationship. He needs a girl with sense of humour, who encourage him during his hard times. He also doesn’t like people who make noise when eating.

His character seems to be very quiet, but not shy – he is somebody who knows how to exhibit his talent at the appropriate time.

Sojin mentioned her first love at Gwangjin-gu and why do you think Girl's Day members burst into laughter when they heard her?

The fans are admitting this rumor and are trying to quiet it down.

He is one of most the successful EXO members and is demonstrating his talents with his amazing performances.

Girl’s day Sojin was rumoured to be his girlfriend.

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There is no official confirmation regarding their relationship.

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