Fat camp for adults

At One Fitness Camp, Utah’s premier adult weight loss camp you will lose the weight. You’ll find yourself taking on challenges you never thought possible – not just fitting into your old jeans, but fitting healthier habits into your lifestyle.

We have helped over 1000 individuals regain their confidence and health through our proven and medically backed weight loss program.

i'm so grateful to the amazing staff, who are remarkable people that encourage success and create an atmosphere that's warm and uplifting!

Wishing to stay longer, but plan to return to this wonderful place that has been and will continue to be a turning point and blessing in my life!

Similar programs for adults are now widely available.

Instead of stressing extreme weight loss in a short period of time, these programs tend to focus on sustainable lifestyle changes.

She lasted just two weeks before throwing in the towel in July 2007.

"I think I lost eight pounds, but that's only because they starve you," Mc Laren says. " "Weight-loss camps are not an easy or quick fix," says Jennifer Hester, a sports exercise and education researcher at Leeds Metropolitan University, in the U. "The short-term investment of time and money does not automatically equate to healthy weight management in the long term." A new generation of weight-loss resorts Between 20, the number of accredited youth weight-loss camps in the U. Y., which opened its doors in 1968 -- helped bring weight-loss programs for kids and teens into the spotlight.Nicole Mc Laren, a 26-year-old student from Washington, D.C., signed up for a monthlong stay at Hilton Head, hoping to shed 30 pounds. Sometimes it’s not as easy as joining a gym, or ordering salad for lunch.Sometimes you need a big push & plenty of support to achieve your fitness & weight loss goals.

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