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In fact, there is a sizeable portion of keen anime fans who actively seek out the horrifying and the exotic. However, note that this article chooses not to include some of the more progressive sexual themes in anime in our consideration of what is disgusting.

One may not find Koi Kaze or Hourou Musuko to be very appetising when it comes to challenging our view of appropriate sexual relationships or gender identity, but there is nothing that can be described as inherently disgusting about such works.

So, without further ado, let us present Honey’s Anime’s selection for the Top 10 Disgusting Anime. Savvy readers who already watched this brilliance of a TV anime show might’ve been so immersed in one of the most riveting anime narratives of this decades to remember how disturbing some of the earlier stories had been.

Possibly to fit his gory and almost nihilistic writing style to the TV airwaves, the first half of Psycho-Pass is a collection of Gen Urobuchi’s imaginatively violent murders ranging from our first exposure to death by molecular deconstruction (through the Dominators used by our protagonists) to sawing up a corpse so that it can be flushed into a toilet bowl.

Having a setup so similar to many anime romances, it shouldn’t be wrong for any innocent viewer to assume that this show is about Akira and Mikoto’s adorable couplehood and their learning to come into terms with being with one another.which Watch Anime Movie does not own or is not affiliated to in any way.All videos are embedded video from these said sites and are not hosted, uploaded or owned by Watch Anime Movie. Admittedly, Psycho-Pass is among Urobuchi’s tamer works, especially compared to almost all of his prolific visual novels.However, it is possibly his most gut-churning anime as you realise that one of the victims in the show ended up with their legs attached to where their arms are supposed to connect with their shoulders, in an almost beautifying way no less.

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