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It’s a lot of pressure to put on a single piece of writing.

So to take some of that pressure off, let’s see how some of our favorite fictional characters would fare at online dating in this day and age: Jay Gatsby (, by F.

Some conferences pair writers and agents for ten minutes of one-on-one time, often for an additional fee.

At one popular event, authors can book up to three such sessions for an extra each.

Must deplore mainstream society and the prevalent tasteless culture.

When that happens, I'm not only going to turn down that author, I might even be grouchy about it." Pitch sessions are not only stressful; many question their value.

But rather than deal with the pressure of rejecting you to your face, they'll say something like 'Well, I don't know.

For something like this, it's all in the writing.' They'll ask you to mail them the first three chapters, and then they'll glance at them for about five seconds and then pass, politely, with their standard rejection letter." Reports one author, "The one time I pitched a novel, the person I pitched to asked me to send exactly the same package I would have sent as an unsolicited submission.

Says author Teresa Hayden: "The absolute most an unpublished novelist can get out of a pitch session is to be told to go ahead and send the manuscript -- an outcome that's hard to distinguish from the normal submission process." Forms of Rejections "Most agents are too polite to say 'no' to your face," Scott Hoffman of Folio admits.

"You can pitch them a book that they know -- 100% know -- they would never in a million years sign up.

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I’ll read aloud my lengthy indictment of our debased times and tantalize your pyloric valve with an impeccable cheese dip.

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