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All this had been embarrassingly public and poorly explained, and from an outfit whose business is explication.Frustration with impotent, ineffectual, absentee, and alien management at NPR first festered, then boiled over after the latest bit of bloodletting in March: when the chairman of its board, Dave Edwards of WUWM in Milwaukee, came to Washington to meet with staffers, he practically needed bodyguards.When most people hear “NPR,” they think Cokie Roberts, Nina Totenberg, Robert Siegel, and for some on the far right, all that is wrong with the mainstream liberal media.But beneath the veneer of the "Minnesota nice," a simmering battle has been waged, and in the balance hangs NPR’s future and perhaps even its soul—as either a nonpartisan defender of in-depth journalism or a target of the partisan sniping of the sound-bite era. Gary Knell (right) tries to leave behind the scandal that arose in the wake of prominent NPR reporter Juan Williams’s (left) firing., By Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images (NPR headquarters), by Jemal Countess/Getty Images (Knell), by Richard Drew/AP Photo (Williams).Then it essentially fired the woman who had fired him.Then it fired the woman who had fired the woman who fired him, along with its chief fund-raiser.

The editor of the NPR was liberal; he just said so “to keep you guys on the defensive.” And that still seems true.

“It’s a self-involved and self-defining culture,” one prominent NPR personality told me.

“I suppose it’s only a matter of time before an NPR couple produces the first NPR baby who becomes an NPR reporter.” As an outsider—he actually has been living in New York—Knell seems well suited to pop NPR out of its Beltway bubble.

David Margolick explores how NPR’s management managed to squander the advantages of the national dole, deep-pocketed donors, a roster of top-notch reporters, and the loyalty of legions of devoted Click and Clack fans—and whether it can recover from the NPR’s future hangs in the balance, as new C. There could have been lots of forced jokes about Elmo and Big Bird.

Or embittered references to Juan Williams and Arab stings and hapless leadership that had left everyone in the room feeling defensive and defenseless.

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