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Bet jei abatas klauso jūsų išpažinties arba teikia komuniją, tai pranašauja palaimą ir ramybę arba susitaikymą su asmeniu, kuriuo jūs domitės.O jeigu sapnuojate, kad tampate abatu, jūsų gyvenime įvyks reikšmingas pasikeitimas į gera.By Gene Mc Connell On a cold, dark night, there's nothing better than a blazing fire in the fireplace. Now take that same fire out of the fireplace and drop it in the middle of the living room. If these ideas are polluted, a critical part of who we are becomes twisted. As long as it's expressed in the protective commitment of a marriage relationship, it's wonderful, warm and romantic. One of the most vital parts of mental environment is a healthy idea of who we are sexually.ADOPTED by NASA, ESA, Harvard, Mc Gill & 8 institutions that started SIMULATIONS !Ancient, recorded electromagnetic super-storms from space devastated Earth. They made also certain people panicked and fatalist, who kept on making other people fatalist too, the origin of wars [2 Kelly R.] and deforestating, slavery panicked-kingdoms, that collapse successively [by abrupt climate change induced by those super-storms 3]...[9]), ([10]), a proposal for a Shield of Laser Plasma has been made public. / Tobiska W., Kirkby, Livingston/Penn, Lockwood, Svensmark, Abdussamatov, Corbyn) forecast a deep solar minimum, similar to that of the electro-volcanic Little Ice-Age, when "volcanic activity is higher in periods of prolonged minima of solar activity" (27- Strestik J., Casati M.].First, let's see how the space electricity (plasma like the Sun, the lightnings, the flames, the neon bulbs) works on Earth, beyond auroras: - it causes the lightning bolts, even from clear sky [11- Gurevich A.], which are locally diverted by the lightning-rods; - the same space electricity, either by the electric galactic center [12] or by the Sun [13- Simpson J.] or by any other star, stimulates the magma, and causes strong earthquakes [14- Jain, R]; - the same space electricity when it hits lava in the craters, causes volcanic eruptions [15- Ebisuzaki T. The cosmic influence on the environment of Sun-Earth [20- Mukherjee S.] works like this: the experiment CLOUD at CERN [21] showed that the electricity of galactic cosmic rays (stimulate the atmospheric aerosols, mainly volcanic, already produced by space stimulation of magma), together with the water vapor, and produces the clouds [22], and, depending on the degree of stimulation, they result in light rains of warm seasons or downpours in cold seasons (plus heat-waves by frozen Jet-stream that blocks heat [23], and El Ninos by subwater volcanism [24]) alternating with droughts of cold seasons, as in the recent, electro-volcanic Little Ice-age (1257-1900), that destroyed Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, like some precedent volcanic winters devastated pharaohs, Mycenaeans invaders, Romans and many others…

So, pornography will tell whatever lies attract and hold the audience.

Jau kelios savaitės kamuoja troškulys ir bendras silpnumas. Jau pusmetį mergina turi veido odos problemų – spuogų. Kuris skundėsi pilvo skausmu, vėmimu, karščiavimu ir pykinimu.

2017 metų visi filmai 2017 metų geriausi filmai 2017 metų visi filmai lietuvių kalba 2016 metų geriausi filmai Filmai su liet.

But now, to ensure a safe, centenarian life [4], a proposal for rescuing (partly patented by Boeing for other reasons – [5]), has been asked [6] and discussed in world congresses.

After the geomagnetic super-storms [7] (the following triggered by the Sun:) of 1859 (global event Carrington), 1989 (black-out of Quebec), 2003 (black-out of Sweden), 2005/2016 (failures of GPS) and the July 2012 near-miss extinction event from explosion by all nukes, from a very strong solar super-storm [8] (missed for a few hours!

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Description: TESTED Laser Earth Shield to repel the Damocles swords from the space over us, that are the electric meteorites/asteroids/comet tails & the excessive space electricity that causes geomagnetic super...

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  1. Instead, he suggested that the Soviet columns would enter the city separately and salute the leaving Germans whenever they meet.[6] The parade began at ,[6] and the "Victory Arches" were erected which the Soviet troops decorated with swastikas and red stars, and through which German troops marched.[8] The Soviets fielded the 4th Battalion of 29th Light Tank Brigade, which was the first unit of the Red Army to roll into the city.