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And I'd like to think we've established this little niche in pop culture, so that's awesome." On Writing Cobra's New Album: "We have a clear idea what the sequence of the album is like, you know? We wrote nine songs before we went on tour, and we liked 'em, but we kept saying, 'These don't have the variety that the songs on Viva la Cobra did.' So we got off tour, and we headed to this cabin in Pennsylvania to begin working on some new ones.

And, seriously, it was the most productive thing ever.

It was weird, because we just decided to call the last one Viva la Cobra as a joke, and then kids, like, latched onto it, and now you see people on My Space or Facebook and their names are, like, 'Viva la Katie!

' F---, seriously though, I just hope the kids who like us will continue to like us.

But then when we thought about it — and aside from being rather hilarious — the hatred also proved a point: Saporta is truly on top of his game.

But he plays both of those roles to perfection, as evidenced in part one of our interview with him, which we posted on Monday and was quickly greeted throughout the blogosphere with comments that ranged from "Wow, what a jerk" and "That dude totally thinks he's a celebrity" to "What a jerk wannabe celebrity" and "You're not a celebrity, jerk." It was a tidal wave of negativity that, quite frankly, caught us off guard.

The band recently released their new single "Never Been In Love" featuring Icona Pop, and it's enough to make you start a dance party in your living room and never, ever stop moving.

Gabe is married to fashion designer Erin Fetherston, with whom he has a son.

It's going to be a big record for us, one way or the other.

Gabe Saporta — the mastermind behind the band Cobra Starship that brought you feel-good pop hits like "Good Girls Go Bad" — is finally back with more musical magic.

To go there, we had to convince a lot of people, that it would be a good idea, you know?

Because usually, when a band goes out by themselves, they end up tripping on acid and coming back with a bunch of sh-- that makes no sense. So, thinking about all that, we went to the cabin, and we sat there for two weeks, just working.

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I know that it's jokey and some people may not get it, but I think that I can do it, and so far, we have.

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