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If you are married in the future, how many kids will you want for the family? Do you think it is better off married or being single personally? Who likes to be surrounded by my four walls and solitude?Though a distant possibility, I would like to have 3 kids too. I’m really sick of myself sometimes, when I see my friends who are mostly married, or have great relationships with their loved ones.Women can claim that they seek and favour Companionship, Care, Comfort and Communication all they want.Nothing can replace money as the single most important Commodity in any relationship, as much as they try to deny it.I don’t understand why HDB has been turned into a profiteer, and I certainly cannot fathom why HDB imposes the same daft policies on first time applicants and more mature families with disproportionate levels of income.If you want the native Singaporean population to replace itself and prosper, why must it come at such a cost?Indians and Malays in Singapore are comfortable with their children and grandchildren dating outside of their race while the Chinese are a little less so, according to a new survey.The Institute of Policy Studies-Channel News Asia (IPS-CNA) survey showed that about 90 per cent of Indians and Malays aged 21-25 year-olds were open to their offspring dating outside of their race.

The overly assertive manager cum multi-tasking master doesn’t stay in the office, she micro-manages her boyfriend/husband too. I also don’t know how to humour ladies and not a good conversationalist or funny person. I am a safer, natural alternative to sleeping pills if you asked me to talk about anything other than politics, the news or soccer.It also implies status, augmented by your job title.She constantly seeks the one she feels has the potential to be a high achiever and able to provide her with material comfort, in addition to rearing a family.Give the young couples the highest priority for new flat launches.The current prices are just too much for anyone to bear, as incomes stagnate and jobs are not guaranteed in this age of cyclical economic downturns and unwelcomed foreign workers.

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Stop the rich PRs from entering the public housing sector.

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