Word 2016 drive map updating unc

I assume it's all the same mechanics under the hood anyway and just presented differently to the [email protected] - I am in complete agreement with you, I think they're just being silly.The only possible objection I can think of is that some poorly written software might treat them as local drives, in which case why are you using that software?

In particular, it has been said that mapping network drives is a bad thing and that adding DFS paths or network shares to your (Windows Explorer/Libraries) favorites is a far better solution. Personally I find the convenience of ', particularly with cmd line and scripting (of course I'm not talking about hard-coded links, naturally! I have tried searching for pros and cons of mapped network drives, but I haven't seen anything other than 'should the network go down, the drive will be unavailable'.

A situation where network shares are not perfectly share to map as drives is if you are running an automated job.

The mapped drives are loaded with the account's profile.

On the other hand, on older versions of Windows, I've noticed that file transfers to or from a mapped network drive often go much faster than if you browsed to the network folder and performed the same file transfer--in which case, most people would prefer to map network drives.

1 for the confusion caused by different users mapping drives to different places.

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If the user's profile is not loaded, then those mapped drives will not exist.

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